About Q-Lana

Digitization Q-Lana is your Digitization Platform

Q-Lana is the most comprehensive, fully configurable, easy-to-use credit management platform

Q-Lana provides the entry to the future of Knowledge Based Lending

Q-Lana is modular and based on low code technology, flexible to adjust to the specific needs of your institution:

  • Advanced risk assessment of individual and corporate clients, using qualitative and quantitative criteria. Analytics include multi-level scoring and product independent risk assessment
  • Flexible product-specific cycle workflow management, including human and/or rules driven decision making, document management, decision support and documentation
  • Advanced risk monitoring and portfolio management, in-depth analysis of portfolio trends as well as risk- and portfolio management of credit risk exposures
  • Knowledge Management using contextual intelligence
  • Connectivity with Core Banking Software and external partners through APIs

Q-Lana understands the Human Side of Digital Lending and helps your institution to navigate through this change process.

Q-Lana is your partner providing support in the design and implementation of your institution’s digitization strategy

Knowledge Management

Enriching the Quality of the Lending Process

The modular structure of Q-Lana allows a separate assessment of:

  • Companies – (un)formalized
  • Contacts – Individuals
  • Facilities – loans, guarantees
  • Collateral – (in)tangible

Modules are combined in a lending process (Project) which covers all steps from client acquisition to approval, disbursement and monitoring.

Each module is fully configurable to adjust to the institution’s existing procedures or to integrate improved assessment technologies.

Meetings and Tasks enable the user to collaborate online and to track all relevant information including comments and conditions set by committees.


  • Multi-channel client access(Online, in-person)
  • Efficiency management (Process Management)
  • Risk management (Limits, Reports, Stress Test)
  • Knowledge Management (Contextual Intelligence)
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Collateral Management
  • Document Management
  • ESG/Impact Monitoring

Q-Lana, the Core of your Digitization Strategy

Q-Lana is developed on a low code platform allowing for flexible configuration as well as rapid integration of additional features

Q-Lana handles multiple access channels for clients to combine best practice distribution based on product type

Steering of efficiency management through to monitoring of process times, bottlenecks and success ratios

Advancedrisk- and knowledge management including contextual intelligence and the ability to learn from experience

Additional tools integrate overall lending activities

  • Collaboration across teams
  • Collateral management as independent function
  • Document Management
  • Best practice ESG/Impact monitoring and reporting

Q-Lana provide Implementation Support

  • Digitization can be challenging for institutions beyond the technical component

  • A digitization strategy combines several technical solutions with new products, processes, teams, hierarchies, etc., often leaving staff insecure

  • The team of Q-Lana has collected significant experience and based on the needs and requests from the institution’s digitization team, support can be provided

  • 1
    Preparation: Confirmation of the scope of work, identification of a project champion, ntial information request about products and workflow
  • 2
    Assessment: onsite assessment the existing workflows. Includes full credit cycle (initial contract, assessment, approval, pre disbursement checks, monitoring, protfolio management, collection
  • 3
    Configuration & Customization: parallel to the assessment phase based on forally trained Q-Lana project champion or consultant
  • 4
    Onsite deployment: Linking to core banking software and starting with a pilot phase for key users. Includes extensibve coaching by Q-Lana
  • 5
    Roll-out: Institution wide rollout based on agreed plan

Q-Lana is built for fast and easy Deployment

  • Initial configuration will be done by Q-Lana staff

  • Initial configuration will be done by Q-Lana staff

  • Configuration will first replicate existing process and procedures before suggesting changes and improvement

  • 5 step deployment process requires close coordination with institution




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