Q-Connect – Your Crisis Communication Manager

In times of crisis you can make the difference for your customers. Pro-active communication and an intuitive portal service to handle the increased load for new credits and credit changes in a transparent way, will help you provide the support your clients are hoping for and will set you apart from competition.

Now is the time to thrive.

We are introducing Q-Connect, our Crisis Communication Manager. Through the secure Q-Connect platform you can provide fast and reliable support to your clients! The platform can be used to handle client requests, such as:

  • Emergency funding
  • Application for public support programs
  • Forbearance on existing loans
  • Factoring/Invoice Discounting
  • Transaction support

In addition, the survey manager helps you learning form your clients about the ways they manager their business through the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are a few highlights of the platform:

  • Instant roll-out
  • Role-based and rule-based access
  • Customer access through web, mobile app and mobile web
  • Data accessible through API
  • OTP based login for security
  • High scalable, cloud-native application with an option to install on-premises

As our commitment, we are offering the Q-Connect platform at an attractive monthly rate and provide a free initial configuration (hosting cost might apply).

Please contact us for more information and to schedule a call.